American Airlines iPad

The iPad will be Used to aid Pilots for the First Time

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American Airlines iPadThe FAA or the Federal Aviation Administration will approve the use of iPad on the cockpit of American Airlines planes to replace the usual paper-based flight manuals and checklists. The airline has tested the use of tablet in the cockpit and pilots are also required to power down the tablet during critical moments, such as takeoff and landing. Some experts believe that the use of electronic devices is risky, because pilots are only a few inches from essential electronic instruments and controls. The rule of barring the use of electronic devices on airplane is to prevent electronic interference. This could become a new spotlight of a long-running debate about the use of electronic devices in airplane. A case involving Alec Baldwin’s refusal to turn off his iPad during a flight has heightened the debate. The actor argued that it is unlikely a device set to “airplane mode” can bring an airplane down.

The FAA says that after rigorous testing, it was found that the iPad didn’t pose any threat to the airplane’s navigation system and computer. It ran a diverse amount of scenario including the involvement of hundreds of passengers that used mobile devices simultaneously. It was reported that the airline will start to use the iOS-powered tablet to the cockpit of Boeing 777 very soon and eventually, the iPad will be used on other plane types. The airline believes that the efficiency and safety of flight operations will be enhanced, as pilots can get accurate, timely information from a highly versatile device.

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