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The iPad 3 may be Unveiled in February 2012

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iPad 3A new rumor on the iPad 3 surfaced recently and it is said that Apple will be releasing its new tablet, the iPad 3 in the end of February 2012, which is also the birthday of Apple’s late CEO. Some sources say that supply chains are working hard to will out the successor of the iPad 2 from the manufacturing plants to the stores. Apple is planning to get the tablet ready for the launch and the official release day could be just a few months away.

Apple fans are definitely excited to get their hands on the new tablet, however rumors said that it is a pain to develop and manufacture. It is widely known that the tablet will boast a retina display, to achieve this capability; the new tablet will have an unbelievably high resolution (for tablet standards) of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This will surely require far better hardware resources, which is why the iPad 3 will be powered by the A6 processor. Development of high quality display and fast processor are said to be hampering the iPad 3 production process.

Also, when releasing new devices, a manufacturer, including Apple, needs to take enough time to raise yield rates in the supply chain. In addition, ODM and OEM makers need to exercise great caution in creating smooth production operations.  Since Apple may introduce the new tablet as a tribute to the late Steve Job, experts are expecting jaws dropping features and the iPad 3 is expected to be able to compete well in the highly competitive tablet market.

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