The iOS 7.0 Will Have Flatter and Simpler Look

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Apple iOS 7.0Hardware and software divisions at Apple are working together for the implementation of the upcoming iOS 7.0. The new iOS versions will feature flatter, less cluttered and simpler look. Analysts in the industry believe that changes for the new OS are likely to be conservative. We can expect to see a number of fairly significant changes within some system-level elements and key apps. But overall, the iOS 7.0 won’t be something hugely different. Previously, Apple also promised that the iPhone 5S will offer a killer feature.

It’s not known when the new software version will be released, but Apple has the habit of unveiling a major iOS version in the summer. We may also predict that the iPhone 6 or perhaps even the iPhone 5S, will include iOS 7.0 in it.

Last year, Apple performed a major reshuffle on its management structure, which is aimed to improve the collaboration of internal departments.

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