iOS 5.1

The iOS 5.1 is Released

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iOS 5.1The iOS 5.1 is the first significant upgrade to iOS 5.0, while the previous supplementary update, the iOS 5.0.1 fixed a number of security holes and bugs, it added some minor enhancements such as better managements for camera LED flash and back up, but unfortunately, iOS 5.0.1 is still unable to effectively fix the battery life problem. Full release notes have been posted, but it appears that no major features are added.  Previously, analysts suggested that the iOS 5.1 will enhance Siri, such as allowing users to adjust Bluetooth radio and Wi-Fi through the voice assistant. The update comes with new APIs that handle responses from speech-recognition servers, these APIs still don’t allow developers to match the way Apple control application, but developers still can get better text dictation input.  The update effectively debunks previous rumors about the release of the 5.0.2. With the iOS 5.1, developers can choose whether iTunes Match should receive data or not, which is useful for users who have limited data plan.

When the iOS 4.1 came in Q3 2010, it also introduced significant enhancements including HD video upload over WiFi, GameCenter, TV show rentals and the ability to shoot high-dynamic range photos. The update also improved the performance on iPhone 3GS and fixed the proximity sensor issue. Bits of code reveal a few important facts, such as, a major hardware revision will be released in Q2 2012 and a minor hardware revision for the iPad 2 will also be available.

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