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The Google Chrome for Android is Released

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Chrome for AndroidThe Google Chrome for Android is obviously a technical milestone for the platform, with improved interface elements such as, more natural Tab, tab sync with PC and Incognito mode.  It also comes with link preview, which allows users to preview links quickly in densely populated webpages.

Those who have been trying the Beta version will say unequivocally that Google Chrome for Android is a significant upgrade to the stock Android browser that we have grown used to.  The app may not revolutionize the way we browse on the smartphones or tablets, but it definitely offers a smoother and more solid performance across the board.

Google is working on improving user’s perception of speed, with things like smoother scrolling, better prefetching and numerous UI improvements.  Early tests with Sunspider showed that Chrome delivered nearly 15 percent higher performance than other mobile browsers.

When rendering rich webpages, users may find occasional freeze and hiccups, however in general there would be significantly less stutter in fast scroll and zoom operations. Beyond performance boost, tab management is an important focal point in Google Chrome with some UI designs that are borrowed from webOS. The action bar now shows how many tabs you have opened and it fixes a nagging issue with the old browser. Tapping the bar takes you into a card interface, where each card represents a tab.

Definitely, early releases of Chrome for Android are not without their flaws.  There are seemingly random pauses, stutters and hiccups here and there. Even so, it’s a solid browser, which is clearly head and shoulders above current mobile web browsers.

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