Nanocoating of HTC One S

The “Extremely Durable” Nanocoating of HTC One S Finally Starts to Chip Away

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Nanocoating of HTC One SUser complaints are surfacing online that the black casing of the HTC One S begins to chip, leaving unappealing silvery patches all over the handset. The ceramic finish of the HTC One S is manufactured using the micro arc oxidation process. Despite not having been dropped accidentally, users reported that their One S units have started to chip away. Threads on forums like XDA Developers have sprouted up with multiple owners the HTC One S reporting similar issues. Complaints seem to be limited with the black model, instead of the grey one, which use different type of finish. Owners are claiming that they haven’t bashed or dropped the One S, which might suggest that the flaw is in the manufacturing process itself. HTC hasn’t released an official statement to this issue.

Forum posters wrote that silvery marks tend to appear on the edges of the device and it gets worse almost every day, even under normal use. Edges are usually more susceptible to wear and tear, which means some visual deterioration would be acceptable after one year of use. However, the HTC One S is a brand new phone, which touts extremely durable coating as a main feature. HTC claimed the micro arc oxidation technique produces a ceramic nanocoating layer that is 5 times tougher than stainless steel. The company reckoned it means users can use the smartphone without a case. As a matter of fact, some early reviewers did notice small marks on the case.

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