Drag to Edit iPad Keyboard

The Drag-to-Edit Capability May Make the iPad Keyboard More Intuitive

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Drag to Edit iPad KeyboardThe Apple iPad offers us a solid keyboard solution, although some users gripe about the lack of tactile feedback and complain about the boring four row layout. However, at the end of the day, Apple still offers us a quite usable keyboard. In order to edit a block of texts, you need to stop typing and drag to select them. It is intuitive, but can be painful in the long run.

A video circulated recently about the potential of gesture-based cursor controls if it is implemented on the iPad keyboard. The concept proposes gesture commands that can help users to move the cursor much more efficiently. Text selection can be accomplished by dragging and holding shift, much like we would on a PC. The creator of the video, danielchasehooper, said plainly that he hopes iPad users complain about limitation of stock iPad keyboard using the Apple’s bug reporting feature. They should link his video and once the requests reach a critical mass, the idea should rise through the Apple’s executives rank.

Overall, the video reveals a wonderful concept, which is in line with Apple’s tendency to use gesture-based interface.

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