The Display of Samsung Galaxy S4 Will be Manufactured Using LITI Production Process

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Samsung Galaxy S4According to some sources, Samsung is experimenting with different pixel shapes to achieve higher pixel density on its full HD display. With diamond shaped and hexagonal pixels, Samsung may achieve 440+ ppi on the 5” 1080p display. With an innovative technology called LITI (Laser Induced Thermal Imaging) technology, Samsung can get much smaller sub-pixels without increasing costs.

Previously, the company experienced problems in scaling the technology for mass production and perhaps, they already solved these issues. Conventional side-by-side pixels layout yield much lower pixel densities than diamond-shaped and hexagonal pixels. We may see first implementation of the technology on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 with its 4.99” 1080p Super AMOLED display.

It is unfortunate that the emerging 1080p market segment already looks overcrowded even before most of these devices arrive on the shelves. With latest AMOLED technology and uniquely shaped pixels, Samsung may stand out easily among the crowd.

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