iOS 6 Features

The Auto Layout Feature on iOS 6 May Hint Support for Larger Displays

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iOS 6 FeaturesThere’s a good amount of discussions around new iOS 6 features and one of them is an indication that the interface hints a larger iPhone display. The new OS version comes with a new feature called Auto Layout and it allows interface elements to move and shift based on a specific list of rules. Previous iOS version use the typical springs-and-struts positioning mode.

For years, Apple has faithfully used 3.5” display for various iPhone models and an easier layout system could indicate a phone with different display size and resolution. The Auto Layout feature is a perfect tool for developers to adapt themselves to various display sizes. Auto Layout also offers the capability to make transitions between landscape and portrait mode. This also allows for the upcoming iPhone’s homescreen to transition to landscape mode, something that Android has been able to do for a long time. In addition, when we hit the home button while playing a game or watching a movie in landscape mode, it’d be nice to see the homescreen is also at landscape mode.

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