Acer Liquid Express

The Acer Liquid Express is Released in UK

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Acer Liquid ExpressThe Acer Liquid Express is recently released and it marks a significant progress in the company’s milestone, it is actually the first Acer phone with NFC (near field communication). Other than the contact-less payment method, the phones comes with modest features, such as 800MHz Qualcomm 7227 processor, 3.5” display Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and 5Mp rear-facing camera. The company promises that it will release more NC handsets and all of its forthcoming devices will rock the industry. While many manufacturers scrambled immediately aboard the NFC bandwagon after the Google Nexus S was announced in 2010, Acer has delayed its implementation, until now. But the decision to delay the NFC doesn’t seem to hurt the brand as the mobile wallet technology still fails to take off.

The phone will directly compete with Samsung Galaxy Ace, however, the Acer Liquid Express definitely wins because it supports NFC and has SNS integration, although it is slightly heavier. Overall, the Liquid Express doesn’t present a huge change in design and it looks similar to the Acer Liquid Mini, with the curved top and bottom, which differentiates it with other Android phones.

The phone is now available in UK from both Orange and T-Mobile and should appeal users who want only a decent smartphone. Subscribers can pick the Acer Liquid Express from £20.50 a month on Orange and £10.21 a month on T-Mobile. Obviously, T-Mobile has a far better deal, however Orange may eventually drop the price to attract more buyers.

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  • Edward

    Acer Liquid Express is quite good but I think Acer needs to promote it much more to be more familiarized with the potential users. Looks like this smartphone has something good to offer.

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