Texas Instrument TI OMAP 5

Texas Instrument Will Release its Last Mobile Chip, the TI OMAP 5

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Texas Instrument TI OMAP 5Texas Instrument, a major chip manufacturer, is preparing to pull the plug the on its mobile processor business amidst dwindling margins and growing competition. Recently, it unveils the TI OMAP 5, which could be the last mobile chip. The Cortex-A15 architecture is a 5th generation OMAP and samples may arrive to vendors very soon. The TI OMAP 5 uses 28nm manufacturing process and consisted of two ARM Cortex-A15 cores, SGX544 MP2 GPU and two Cortex M4s. Currently, Qualcomm and Nvidia are two biggest chip manufacturers for mobile devices, followed by Samsung and Apple. ST-Ericsson also makes mobile processors, but its products rarely appear on commercial phones and tablets.

The mobile industry is moving to the 28mm and 32 mm manufacturing technology, which make them more efficient and smaller. Qualcomm was the first to dip their toes to the 28mm water with the Snapdragon S4 processors lineup. After its exit from the mobile industry, Texas Instrument will still manufacture chips for robotics, enterprise communication, industrial, automotive and vision industry.

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