Texas Instrument Introduces Quick-Charging Mobile Hardware

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Texas InstrumentTexas Instrument has developed a new chipset equipped with the battery path impedance compensation system, which may double the charging rate. The technology will not be applied only on smartphones, but also tablets, WiFi speakers, LTE routers and other mobile equipments.

In the smartphone industry, battery is one component that progresses slowly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand still entirely. Li-ion batteries continue to improve in terms of density and manufacturers are also contending with safety factors. Traditionally, battery life is considered as a critical characteristic, but charging time can be as important. As an example, the quick-charging capability allows users to fully charge their device while at work.

Texas Instrument reported that its fast-charge hardware already meets EU charging and Energy Star standards. The components only measures 4mm x 4mm and it should fit in any large-screen, super-slim smartphone. The introduction of this useful technology is timely as smartphone sales are growing by leaps and bounds.

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