Tactus Layer Technology Touchscreen Display

Tactus Layer Technology Allows Keypad To Rise on Touchscreen Display

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Tactus Layer Technology Touchscreen DisplayA California-based company revealed recently that it developed a technology that could make smartphone and tablet keypad rises out of the touchscreen display. The keypad then disappears when users are done with them. Tactus Technology showcased the Tactile Layer this week, a technology that uses touch-based interface or haptics to make shapes or patterns recede and rise based on users requirements. The company claims that Tactile Layer is the first deformable tactile surface in the industry. The origin of this technology went back to 2007, when researchers in Tactus tried to combine the practicality of BlackBerry’s physical keypad and the elegance of iPhone’s virtual interface. Although virtual keypad works really well, human unconsciously still want tactility and feels thing.

Displays using Tactile Layer technology is transparent and flat; it wouldn’t add any thickness since it would use different layers than what’s used in the industry today. Devices that could benefit from this technology are tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, remote controls, e-readers and others. It also has potentials on cars, medical equipments and personal navigations devices. Tactus Technology has partnered with a touchscreen manufacturer, the Touch Revolution to develop prototypes.

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