Tablets and E-Readers are Boosting Interests on E-books

Tablets and E-Readers are Boosting Interests on E-books

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Tablets and E-Readers are Boosting Interests on E-booksWriters and book sellers should be happy. Tablets and e-readers are encouraging users to read more according to Pew Internet & American Life Project. Recent holiday sales caused the market share of these devices to double, which have some effects on users’ reading habit. Before the holiday season, on November last year, Pew found only 17 percent users read e-book, but in February 2012, the figure jumped to 21 percent. The growth trend indicates that people are taking the plunge into reading e-books.

E-book readers tend to be avid readers, nearly 90 percent those who read e-books had also read printed books within one year. Also, rather than borrow them, they are more likely to buy books. In addition, 41 percent of tablet users and 35 percent of e-reader users say that they read more since the proliferation of e-content.

Both users of tablets and e-readers said that these devices make them read more. In addition, the longer they have used the device, the more they read an e-book. 35 percent of those who had a tablet or an e-reader for less than 6 months said that they are reading more, compared to 41 percent of those who purchased either of the device for one year or more. Pew discovered that E-books are finding readers regardless of devices used. 42 percent of those who read e-books said that they read them on a computer and 29 percent on mobile phones.

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