Steve Wozniak Prefers Windows Phone Over Android

Steve Wozniak Prefers Windows Phone over Android

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Steve Wozniak Prefers Windows Phone Over AndroidOnce, Wozniak might consider Microsoft as a bitter enemy in desktop PC landscape, but he definitely favors Windows Phone 7.5 over Android, for its beauty and looks. Microsoft’s mobile platform managed to shock him on every screen and it delivers many beautiful elements that are not exists on iPhone and Android. Apps for Windows Phone also appear to be prettier than versions for iOS and Android. Wozniak suspects that Nokia and Microsoft approached apps developers to make apps with enhanced visuals for Windows Phones. The move also ensures a high degree of compatibility and pushes smaller companies to release their apps for Microsoft’s OS.

Wozniak was previously reported to highly praise the Lumia 900 and he went to clarify that it didn’t mean that Nokia’s flagship was the best phone in his opinion. The Apple’s co-founder further gave what could be the biggest compliment yet; Steve Jobs might have somehow been reincarnated among the development team of Windows Phone OS!

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