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Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus is Plagued by a Data Connection Issue and a Fix is Coming

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Sprint Galaxy NexusWhen it was launched at the end of 2011, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was a highly anticipated device. Many Sprint subscribers were elated when the carrier announced the plan to release the phone into its network. However, since its release a couple of days ago, some users reported connection issues. Luckily, a fix is on the way. If you’re planning to get a Galaxy Nexus from Sprint today, you may need to postpone the buying decision.

Users in Sprint forums said that they couldn’t establish a 3G connection; this is particularly disappointing since Sprint doesn’t provide LTE connection to its Nexus subscribers. Many new owners can only get a 3G data connection icon on the notification bar for a few seconds and they couldn’t obtain a steady access despite attempts to configure the Mobile Networks settings. For any smartphone users, the lack of 3G connection is a significant issue as they regularly check emails, browse the web and download apps. Fortunately, Sprint and Samsung have quickly acknowledged the problem and they are working on an update.

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