Sprint Unlimited Data Plan 4G LTE Network

Sprint Will Offer Unlimited Data Plan for its 4G LTE Network

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Sprint Unlimited Data Plan 4G LTE NetworkThere’s great news for Sprint subscribers as the carrier will release unlimited data plan for its 4G LTE network. Although Sprint can’t compete with bigger carriers such as Verizon and AT&T on sheer scale, it continues to offer its subscribers unique benefits, including unlimited data plans. Previously Sprint announced that it ceased WiMAX developments and put more focus with the 4G LTE network, which is understandable as LTE is a more popular technology and supported by many phone vendors. This could be a key factor to maintain Sprint’s market share over the coming years.

Sprint confirmed the media reports that users of its LG Viper 4G LTE can opt for unlimited data plans. Although the early roll out of Sprint’s 4G LTE would be limited initially, the carrier may poach a number of unhappy customers from A&T and Verizon, which currently offer only 5GB and 2GB data plans.

Although LTE hasn’t yet been confirmed for the iPhone 5, it’s widely accepted that Apple’s next flagship will be LTE-equipped. This could cause dire consequences for Sprint as its LTE network capacity is smaller that either Verizon’s or AT&Ts, meaning when overloaded, many Sprint’s 4G LTE phone users would jump ship to bigger carriers.

Currently, Sprint offers 3G unlimited data plan for $79.99, which is more appropriate for data hungry consumers, while Verizon offers 10GB data plan for $80 and AT&T offers 3GB data plan for $45, with $10 for each additional 1GB of data used.

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