Sprint HTC Jet

Sprint HTC Jet Will Be Released in June

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Sprint HTC JetWith the recent rumors saying that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will join the Sprint network at April 15, the smartphone consumers will soon witness the release of many LTE-enabled devices on various carriers. The HTC Jet will soon follow the path of Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus. To date, we only can speculate whether Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5 will support LTE and now we have a phone confirmed to support the LTE technology, the HTC Jet.

Leaked Sprint documents revealed a plan for the release of HTC Jet at April 15. The source also confirmed that the HTC Jet is identical in specs with the HTC One X. The phone will feature 4.7” S-LCD display at 1280×720 pixels resolution, which is protected by the more durable Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Under the hood, we will get the ultra fast 1.5GHz dual-core (Krait) processor and 1GB of RAM. It comes with standard connectivity options we typically get from many smartphones such as LTE, EVDO Rev 0/A/B, CDMA 1X, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n. The solid polycarbonate body should be able to resist scratches easily.

It’s easy to appreciate how HTC uses Jet as a name for this LTE device. However, HTC is abandoning its previous naming pattern and its next models will be parts of HTC One series, which uses randomly assigned alphabets.  The Sprint HTC Jet would be available to subscribers at June 10th this year.

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