Sprint Carrier IQ

Sprint disabled the Carrier IQ

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Sprint Carrier IQ

Sprint Nextel recently disabled Carrier IQ, a controversial tool used for analytic measurement on mobile devices. Sprint stated that it weighed concerns of their customers and Carrier IQ, which was used to collect diagnostic information is no longer active. The service allegedly records user behaviors and the data collected could be highly valuable as it is gathered from about 140 million devices. Carrier IQ denies any wrongdoing and it maintains that the raw data collected is used to improve the infrastructure and not used to record keystrokes, email messages and other user data.

Sprint also confirmed that it didn’t use the service to analyze emails, text messages, images and other content information in consumers’ phones. The carrier also claimed that the data collected is not used for subscribers profiling or advertising purposes. The information is simply used to improve network services and detect deficiencies. Sprint, AT&T, HTC and Samsung previously responded to the allegations that Carrier IQ can potentially harm users.

Overall, experts believe that consumers have basic rights to retain private information and the implementation of Carrier IQ shows that this right isn’t being respected. Carrier IQ doesn’t show itself in the task manager and most consumers don’t even know that it exists. Because no one tell them what information this service is gathering and who it’s giving it to, there is a potentially huge risk for consumers. Carrier IQ is facing lawsuits in multiple states and some accused the company of installing spyware on consumers’ devices to collect user data without notification and consent.

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