Motorola Droid Fighter

Specs of Motorola Droid Fighter are Revealed

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Motorola Droid FighterThe mysterious Motorola Droid Fighter has been revealed by Verizon documents leaked a few weeks ago, but at that time we had no idea what it was, no release date, no specs, nothing. However today, we get a wealth of new information and the phone appears to be slightly better that Motorola’s current flagship the Droid RAZR MAXX and it is likely to have Android 4.0 installed. When compared with the Motorola RAZR, we will immediately notice that both share some family resemblances. The purported Droid Family has a huge 4.6” display and it is made possible with the omission of physical buttons and the use of slightly bigger chassis. The phone may use 720p screen resolution and the same 3300 mAh battery used by the RAZR MAXX.

The documents said that the Droid Fighter is slated for April 12, although it is currently unknown whether it is a date for announcement, testing schedule or the actual release date. At this stage, nothing has been confirmed, both by Motorola and Verizon.

Both companies are close partners and Verizon’s lineup is teeming with Motorola’s handsets. From the hints we’ve seen, the handset looks to be quite real. However, because current Verizon subscribers still don’t receive Android 4.0 update for their Droid RAZR family, they won’t be happy to see Verizon releases an improved version of the RAZR MAXX with Android 4.0 installed. We can learn from the past that Verizon sold its high-end handsets at $300 with two-year contract.

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