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South Korean Researchers Introduces Flexible Battery

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Flexible BatteryWe have been hearing about bendable displays for a few years now and one significant obstacle toward developing a fully flexible smartphone is finding a battery that can also flex perfectly. Our search could be nearing the end, thanks to the efforts of researchers in the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

The institute has developed a battery that can fold, twist and bend without compromising performance and durability.  The new flexible battery is rechargeable, manufactured using Li-Ion technology and printed on thin film. There’s no telling on how near the industry is from actually releasing a commercial-grade flexible phone, but we are definitely getting closer.  Researchers from the institute says that the flexible battery could be mass-produced using the laser lift-off technology, while the use of 3D-staking structure may improve the charging power. Previously, Corning has unveiled a flexible, ultra-thin protective glass that certainly helps in revolutionizing the future design and shape of mobile devices.

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