Sony Xperia P

Sony Xperia P – Upcoming Sony Smartphone

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Sony Xperia PThe Sony Xperia P is another smartphone released by Sony Mobile and it is one of the phones in the NXT (next generation) series. The company wants to maintain consistency throughout the series by releasing phone with similar feel and look. Overall, the design of the Xperia P looks remarkably similar to the Xperia S, although the P is a bit smaller. The phone also has a transparent plastic band below the display, and the unibody aluminum chassis has a square, block-style design.

The Sony Xperia P is a middle-range model with a 4″ Reality Display and the Mobile Bravia technology offers enhanced color saturation, contrast and sharpness while reducing digital image noises.  Just like other NXT devices, the Xperia P also features the “White Magic” technology, which uses four sub-pixels instead of the usual three. The extra sub-pixel is white, which results in much brighter images.

The 4″ display uses 960×540 pixels resolution (qHD), which results in 275 ppi of pixel density; this should be adequate for displaying deeper level of details and very crisp text. Overall, the Xperia P has good display for a mid-range smartphone. Sony once again delivers the ExmorR image sensor to produce better images in dim areas using the 8Mp rear-facing camera. Unfortunately, the phone only uses mediocre VGA (0.3Mp) front-facing camera, but, on the plus side, its HDMI port allows users to hook the device directly to TVs.  The dual-core 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM should be adequate for most Android apps and games; however, the Xperia P doesn’t have an external microSD slot. Even so, the 16GB of internal storage is spacious enough for many users.

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