Sony Hand Cranked Smartphone Charger

Sony Will Release Hand-Cranked Smartphone Charger in Japan

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Sony Hand Cranked Smartphone ChargerThe mobile industry is evolving very quickly, with new OS version, processor and display technology released in quick succession. But it seems, battery technology hasn’t moved as fast as it should. If you have a handset with fast processor and bigger display, it won’t last too long during an outdoor trip. But fortunately, Sony has a solution for that in the form of hand-cracked USB charger called CP-A2LAKS.

The hand-crank mechanism allows you to get a decent amount of power when you can’t find a wall outlet during a trip. Don’t go thinking Sony’s solution as an ultimate answer to worldwide energy crisis though; you should use it only during an emergency or you’ll spend a large proportion of your day cranking a phone. For one minute worth of talk time on a power-guzzler high end smartphone, you need to turn the handle continuously for three minutes. Also, to get one minute of Web browsing, you need to turn it for five minutes.

The charger can store 4000 mAh battery capacity when connected to the wall socket, which is enough to fully charge a smartphone twice. Many may argue that the charger is less convenient than solar powered models, but it should be more usable in areas with very little sunlight. The Sony charger would be available for about 8000 yen or $100.

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