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Sony Tablet PWith its distinctive design, the Sony Tablet P runs Android 2.3 (Honeycomb). However, the tablet is not a contemporary flat black slab device; instead users get two 5.5” displays which are separated by two hinges and a thick black bezel. The tablet simply folds nicely like a clamshell. Folded, it measures 7 x 3 x 1 inches and users will find it compact enough to slide into a purse or jacket pocket. Unfolded, you can make the tablet run two different things on its two displays; there are now 40 apps in Tablet P’s special webpage that can fully take advantage of the dual-display configuration. Unfortunately, the hinge and the thick bezel mean you can’t combine a video on both displays.

One obvious benefit of the dual-display configuration is in gaming experience, the design is vaguely similar to Nintendo 3DS, which can use the lower screen to control actions on the upper screen. The Tablet P carries the Sony Playstation insignia and it comes with one venerable Playstation title, the Crash Bandicoot. Unfortunately, there are very few games in the Playstation Store that are optimized for the tablet. Tablet P’s dual-screen can bring a refreshing change in web surfing while a modified Skype app makes video chatting more exciting, the upper screen shows the individual you are talking with, while the lower screen displays what the person is seeing. The hinge is adequately stiff, allowing the tablet to maintain the angle you have set, regardless of how you put it on a flat surface. E-book lovers may find Tablet P interesting; its Reader app puts an e-book page on each display, offering an experience that more closely resembles reading a real, physical book.

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