Sony Socialife UI Will Replace Timescape UI

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Sony SocialifeCoinciding with the CES 2013, it has been revealed that the Timescape UI will no longer be used on the Sony Xperia X and XL. As a replacement, Sony will use the Socialife UI, which will be used on subsequent devices. As shown by a survey in 2011, Timescape UI failed to achieve the popularity of the more popular Samsung TouchWiz UI and HTC Sense UI. Timescape UI offers integrated support for social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter. Issues associated with the custom UI are lower performance level and battery life.

Sony Socialife UI has been used on the company’s tablets and it has three distinct parts. Favorites is the place where user items are stored for later use. Discovery is a set of recommended preferences, while My Stream allows users to access specific channels and social media networks. Clearly, the days of Timescape UI have been numbered and Sony is hoping that Socialife UI will bring better outcomes for the company.

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