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Sony SmartWatch Is Now Available In Verizon

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Sony SmartWatchSony has released the SmartWatch in the United States since April this year. Owners of Android smartphones have found it to be a nice addition, which can improve their daily activity. The SmartWatch allows users to control certain functions of the phone and get latest notifications from the phone right from their wrist. Unfortunately, the SmartWatch is not always available in all areas, so US consumers who have had a hard time purchasing the device can visit the nearest Verizon retailer to get it for slightly under $150.

SmartWatch is not only new, it is also a rare type of gadget; so users can now only find sixty apps for it in the Google Play store.

The SmartWatch features a tiny 1.3″ display, which allows users get updates from social networking sites and read text messages. It can also remotely control your smartphone’s features like camera and media player app. The SmartWatch’s main function is still to let users know about the time of the day, but users can also get other information easily as well, such as updated weather information. It is important to note that the Sony SmartWatch will lose must of its advantages if you don’t pair it with an Android smartphone.

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