Sony May Soon Release a 6.4mm Thin Smartphone Model

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Sony Xperia SmartphonesNot after Sony unveiled its teaser video for the IFA 2014 event, the company published an image that shows a mysterious device. It is suggested that the image contains an illustration of a slim smartphone model, with only 6.4mm thickness. Another dimension is revealed: 124mm and it is probably the height of the phone. But it could still be the width of a tablet.

It is quite clear that Sony will announce multiple new devices at the IFA event, possibly the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, Xperia Z3 Compact and the standard Xperia Z3. Previous rumors told us that the Z3 Compact is 126.98mm tall and 8.71mm thick. So, the image could refer to a smartphone with dimension nearly similar to Sony’s upcoming Compact model. Imagining a 6.4mm thin smartphone from Sony shouldn’t be too hard because the current X2 tablet also has the same dimension. The company’s press event in the IFA 2014 event will be held on September 3, so we should get an idea about the device.

Sony’s upcoming smartphones will deliver clean interface, beautiful display, amazing camera and interesting design; so we could be quite confident about the company’s subsequent offerings.

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