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Sony May Eventually Switch To Vita OS

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Sony Vita OSSony revealed that it will soon deploy the Vita OS on the tablets and smartphones. Speaking to media, the future CEO and president of Sony, Kazuo Hirai, revealed that Vita OS will run well on smartphones and tablets. Apps for the platform will be distributed through Playstation Suite. Despite its gaming root and good integration with Playstation games, it offers standard features found on contemporary mobile platforms. With Vita OS, it’s possible to achieve high performance for gaming devices, while making it expandable, which can incorporate future mobile features.

It doesn’t mean that the OS will be implemented very soon but, but with expandability in mind, anything is possible.  Sony purchased the Ericsson’s mobile department, after Sony Ericsson lost more than £200 million in 2011. With the only company in full control of the brand, innovations can be introduced more quickly to Sony’s mobile devices.

It would be curious to see how interdependent the main operating system and the Vita gaming engine would be.  If they are very segregated, the Vita OS could be modified to run Android apps, along with Vita’s own apps. However, applying Vita OS as an alternative open source platform would be difficult to visualize at this moment. Unfortunately, Sony still can’t do Android right, its smartphones only get mediocre success compared to the competition and attempting to introduce a new platform in the hyper-competitive would be a monumental task.

In CES 2012, Sony proved that PS Vita has a solid and responsive platform, while it’s not as functional as iOS and Android, there’s definitely some potential.

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