Sony Xperia GX

Sony is Preparing to Flood the Smartphone Market with Stacked Camera Sensors

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Sony Xperia GXSony may have big plans for its stacked CMOS cameras with sensors that sit on top of the other, making current side-by-side configuration a space waster. In addition, Sony’s stacked smartphone camera sensors allows users to shoot HDR videos on the fly as demonstrated by the upcoming Sony Xperia GX with its 13Mp rear-facing camera, bound to hit Japan very soon.

Sony’s camera sensors are widely regarded as among the best in the mobile industry and the company has been delivering camera sensors to other phone makers, like Apple and Samsung. Stacked camera sensors will likely to be used on numerous upcoming phone and perhaps, including the new iPhone 5.

Seeing the opportunity, the Japanese company is investing nearly $1 billion to expand the manufacturing plant for the stacked sensors.  With $5.7 billion of loss in 2011, last year was Sony’s worst throughout its long existence. The company is scrambling to diversify its operation by focusing more on specific areas, including camera sensors production.

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