Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray Review

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray could easily be one of the tiniest phones you’ve ever had, however despite its small stature; consumers can still get an enticing set of features. The phone offers 3.3” TFT 480×854 display, 1GHz single core processor and an impressive 8.1Mp camera. The Xperia Ray is made from sturdy plastic and scratch-resistant glass, while a plastic button sits at the bottom center. The phone fits easily on consumers’ hand and it feels like the early iPod Nano. The speaker is comparable to what you find in other Xperia models, it’s decent but not too fantastic.

Fortunately, the camera is something you can brag about; it produces awesome images and the shutter is almost instantaneous. Its display has an excellent pixel density, although it’s slightly lower than what you get in the iPhone 4. At nearly 300 ppi, the display quality is acceptably sharp and stunning. The standby time of the phone is simply exceptional; with its 1500 mAH battery the phone can run for a couple of days or even more. While for heavy usages such as video playback and 3D games, you’ll be able to use the phone for about ten hours.

For its size, the phone is surprisingly enjoyable to use, although the price might be prohibitive for those who get used to getting on-contract devices from major carriers. Buyers can get unlocked Xperia Ray for $359.99 in online stores, including NewEgg. Should the Sony could find a way to hook up with major carriers, the phone’s price can be brought down to about $150 and the company can attract consumers more easily.

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