Nokia 808 41 MP Camera

Sony Criticized – Nokia 808, 41Mp Camera

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Nokia 808 41 MP CameraSony criticized the Nokia 808 as little more than a ‘development announcement’ than a real consumer product and it claimed that the 41MP camera is not really a breakthrough. The Japanese electronic giant claimed that it has used a similar technology about one year ago on digital cameras.

Sony officials said that the 41MP camera is just using a slant on a current photography technology and in the camera current industry; it isn’t especially a stand-out. However, it is the first time; the technology is used on a mobile phone, that’s why Nokia 808 PureView got an awful lot of attention from the media and consumers.

Sony believed that the market is not ready for such device, but only time will tell whether the Nokia 808 PureView is a plausible retail solution.

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