Sony Xperia T

Sony Confirms HD Voice Capability on Xperia T

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Sony Xperia TSony recently reminded us that the Xperia T is already certified for HD voice. The capability wasn’t listed in Sony’s official product page, so the media is unaware about the feature. HD Voice is considered a major invention in the mobile industry with huge improvement in call quality. People often talk about operating system, display and processor, but all too often, they gloss right over the phone’s capability in delivering clear voice quality during a call. HD Voice is designed to bring the long-ignored capability to forefront. The feature works better if both phones have the same capability. Currently, only a few providers support the feature and more will soon follow.

Sony provides a link in its website to a demo of the HD vice, so consumers can hear for themselves how great the sound quality is. During the demo, it is easy to see that HD Voice can effectively block out noises, including those from the background. It’s a good thing that Sony is using HD Voice as a major selling point of the Xperia, but it’s still not yet known whether the feature will gain interest and recognition from consumers.

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