Sony and Hitachi Ship 4” Displays to Apple

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Today, it’s nearly impossible to escape another iPhone 5 rumor. However, some involve interesting information, including the fact that Sony and Hitachi may be supplying Apple with a new 4” display intended for a new iOS device, possible the iPhone 5, due out in 2012. Unfortunately, there is still a possibility that the displays are actually intended for the next generation of iPod Touch. For four generations, Apple has been using 3.5” on the iPhone and hopefully the company will embrace the change and bumps up the iPhone 5’s display size. A Japanese blog reported that Sony and Hitachi are shipping 4” displays which use a new technology called IGZO (Indium, Gallium and Zinc), which supports pixel density of 330 ppi.

The ground-breaking IPS Retina Display was manufactured by LG and it has been critically applauded on the latest iPhone models. There is word that Sharp will take over the production of display for the iPad 3 and whether LG will retain its position as the primary display supplier is unclear at best. Many high-end Android devices such as HTC Sensation XL, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Nexus effectively dwarf the iPhone 4. Experts believe that if Apple wants to seriously compete in the multimedia arena, 4” display is a bare minimum. Apple insisted that 3.5” provides the best balance between size and quality; because a 3.5” device is easier to hold; also it is easier for maintain high pixel density. But, today’s market is mature enough to accept a 4” iPhone and Apple should know this.

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