Some Users Say New iPad Overheats Easily

Some Users Say the New iPad Overheats Easily

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Some Users Say New iPad Overheats EasilyThe new iPad is definitely a sizzling new gadget, but it appears that the new tablet is literally too hot to handle. A fair number of consumers complained on Apple’s support forum that lower-left corner of the device overheat easily. Apple’s latest tablet features much more powerful components such as dual-core A5X processor, quad-core GPU and a high resolution Retina Display screen. Some users said that when measured with an infra-red thermometer, a specific area of the tablet reach 117 degrees after ten minutes of use. Although the tablet won’t cause burn injury, for some users, such as children, the new iPad is uncomfortable to use.

Consequently, those who insist on using the new iPad may need to invest on a pair of gloves. Some users claim that the issue can be resolved partially by draining the tablet completely after the first charge. Others suggest disabling iCloud and reducing the screen brightness to 75 percent. Some users said that they notice significant improvements after allowing the battery to drain completely for four consecutives times. However, the issue is by no means commonplace, some consumers reporting acceptable levels of heat. We definitely need to wait for a few weeks to notice distinguishable patterns and isolate the likely culprit for the overheating issue. Previously, users in Australia complained that they can’t use the tablet on local 4G networks, which employ different standards with 4G network in United States. Other complaints are the lack of Siri and LTE support for FaceTime. So far, Apple hasn’t commented on the complaints.

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