Nokia Lumia 900 Display Issue

Some Nokia Lumia 900 Units Are Affected By Display Issue

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Nokia Lumia 900 Display IssueAs if the data connection issue wasn’t enough to frustrate users of Nokia Lumia 900, the handset is again plagued by another flaw. This time around an issue is affecting the handset’s display. When the brightness level is reduced to the lowest level, the screen that’s supposed to be grey; turns purple on some units. According to a recent poll, the issue seems to affect about 10 percent of Nokia Lumia 900 users. The actual percentage could be higher as some users may not be aware of the issue as it only occurs under a specific condition.

To find out whether your unit is affected, go to the display settings and set the brightness level manually to minimum. If a purplish hue appears throughout the entire screen, you may have a defective handset. At the present, it is not yet known what causes the issue to occur. However, it appears that the glitch is software-related as Nokia has promised to release a fix to take care of the problem for good.

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