Software fix for Wifi Bug on Android 5.0 is Released

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Android 5.0A mysterious bug has been reported recently and it affects users with Android 5.0 devices. It appears that people have trouble hooking up nearby WiFi hotspots. So far, many people who have been using Android 5.0 have written things about failed WiFi connection. We also heard reports about major battery drain that affects users with Android 5.0. Apparently, the abnormally high number of screen wake-ups contribute to the excessive battery drain. Nevertheless, it is good to know that the bug has been fixed.

The fix is included in the Android 5.0 Lollipop update through OTA method. As many of us already know, once our device becomes eligible, a notification will be sent and we could simply tap the “Download Now” button and then tap the “Install Now” button. The smartphone will reboot and install the update.

However, some users could find that the notification fails to appear. In this case, we could manually go to Settings > About Device > System Updates > Update Now. For some rather unlucky Nexus users, the neither of these mentioned steps may not work. Alternatively, they could download the OTA ZIP file manually and install it to their device.

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