iPhone 5 Cost

Smuggled iPhone 5 May Cost As Much As $3700 in Moscow

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iPhone 5 CostThe iPhone 5 has been globally released, but it’s still not available in many parts of the world. Moscow is a good example of a large city deprived of latest iPhone model. There are no Apple Stores and there’s no definite release date for the country. One obvious solution for wealthier Muscovites would be to purchase a smuggled phone. The cheapest model, 16GB iPhone 5, could go for as much as $2200 and some models may cost as much as $3700. Some sellers admitted that their smuggled units came from United States and other shipments came from France.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 is not immediately usable in Moscow, due to the use of microSIM. Major carriers in Russia have already promised that they’ll provide adequate support for the new smartphone. Once a bastion of communism, Moscow is now turning into an image-conscious city, where expensive cars are so common and many people are willing to immediately plunk down some serious amount of cash for the latest devices in the market.

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