Smartphone war Between Samsung and Apple is Heating up

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Apple and Samsung are both seem eager to continue that patent war and it is escalating even further. Cupertino has filed a slew of lawsuits on patent infringement in Europe, US and Japan against one of the finest Android tablets in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Apple convinced that Samsung imitated the overall design of the iPad, from the packaging to touch panel interface. Courts in Australia and Germany granted a temporary injunction after accepting the accusation regarding interface and design technology.

Samsung counterattacked by taking to court lawsuits of infringements on communications technology. At this moment, both technology giants are embroiled in a full-scale war consisting about twenty lawsuits.

Android devices have surpassed the sales of the iPhone and Samsung as a top manufacturer single-handedly surpassed the iPhone, by introducing dozens of Android models at all price range. Although Samsung is Apple’s most important supplier, Apple continues to refuse to accept a settlement. There is currently so much tension between the two and Apple may eventually switch suppliers.

It is clear that Apple is so adamant and determined to destroy Android as the late Steve Jobs reportedly wanted to go thermonuclear war on Google’s mobile platform. There are about 200,000 patents in the smartphone industry and if Google loses in too many lawsuits on patent infringements, it will be unlikely for vendors to continue to use Android. To even the odds, Google tried to purchase about 6000 patents from a Canadian company, the Nortel Networks, but the effort was thwarted by an alliance that counts Microsoft and Apple among its members.

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