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Smartphone Users in US Will Lose $30 Billion in 2012

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Smartphone Lost StolenLookout, a mobile security firm, recently released a finding that reveals the probable cost estimation of phone lost and stolen in United States. Un-recovered phones may cost owners more than $30 billion. The study is a part of marketing campaign for the recently launched the Mobile Lost & Found, an interactive service to determine where mobile devices are most likely lost. The analysis indicates that behavior and demographics play significant role in influencing the loss of mobile devices. In 2011, about 9 million smartphones were lost, which means every 3.5 seconds, a consumer lost one phone. The loss rate also means each consumer in US, loses one smartphone each year, if unrecovered, it may cause the owner to lose about $250 or more each year.

By Lookout’s calculation, $7 million worth of smartphone are lost and stolen every day. Some cities have higher rate of phone loss, for example, Philadelphia dwellers have double the likelihood of losing their phones compared to New York City residents. Philadelphia is at the top of the list, followed by Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach, Newark, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York and Boston. The list seems to correlate with FBI’s crime statistics. Newark, Oakland, Detroit and Cleveland are among the highest in crime rate.

Lookout also identified places where users are more likely to lose their smartphones. The statistics show that bar and coffee shop are the likeliest places to lose a smartphone, followed by office, restaurants, apartment, grocery stores, gas stations, residential, drug store and park.

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