Siri: Nokia Lumia 900 is the Best Phone

Siri: Nokia Lumia 900 is the Best Phone

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Siri: Nokia Lumia 900 is the Best PhoneWhen asked about the best phone in the market, Siri gave a somewhat surprising answer. What caused this? Apple’s virtual assistant employs Wolfram Alpha technology and forms answers based on a database of information maintained by computer servers. Lumia 900 received high ratings on numerous reviews and many gave it five stars. Wolfram’s list of the best smartphone may boggle your mind, for example the HP TouchPad comes in third place and it is not even a phone. The low-end LG 500G trails behind Nokia Lumia 900, while Samsung Focus S, Samsung Illusion and Lumia 710 also get high praises.

Notably missing from the list are any iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and HTC One models. Some observers also noted that Best Buy could be behind the odd smartphone list. Best Buy provides reviews for Wolfram Alpha and its Lumia 900’s page shows glowing five stars reviews.

It seems, Apple needs to rethink about the credibility of Siri’s data source. The iPhone’s maker definitely share the blame for this oversight and it needs to provide both accurate and objective answer. But at least it proves that Apple didn’t intentionally rig Siri’s answers.

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