Siri Not so Smart

Siri is Accused of Being “Not so Smart”

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Siri Not so SmartAn iPhone 4S user says Apple’s virtual assistant simply didn’t work exactly like advertised. Frank Fazio complained that Siri is unresponsive and consistently gave wrong answer to an inquiry. He believes that Apple intentionally mislead the public by over-promising what the service can do. The Frank’s lawsuit says that Siri fails to perform as advertised, rendering the latest iPhone as merely an overpriced iPhone 4. Siri takes user commands from the built in microphone and turn them into desired responses on the phone, which include checking stock price, setting reminders and searching the Web. These queries are directed through Apple’s server for processing before being returned to the phone. Siri is currently still in “beta” form and remain exclusive to the iPhone 4S, which is a rarity for a company that always releases finished solutions. However, Apple can also use it to argue that Siri is still in the development phase and it is not a final product yet. Put simply, Siri that is being used in every iPhone 4S is technically just a test software.

There’s no word for future enhancements, short of adding support for more languages, which Apple did previously when it extend support for Japanese. The lawsuit also claims that Siri can significantly increase user’s data usage and push users beyond the original data plan. This is the latest legal action aimed toward Apple’s iPhone, other lawsuits accused Apple concealing and misrepresenting information in the advertising, marketing, sales and servicing of its iPhone handsets, especially related to the reception quality and related software. Source

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