Sierra Wireless Releases 4G Module

Sierra Wireless Releases Highly Integrable 4G Module

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Sierra Wireless Releases 4G ModuleSierra Wireless considers that tablets and laptops are ideal candidates for embedded LTE connectivity. Yesterday, it unveiled an LTE module that’s only 2.5mm thick. The company claims that its 4G module is the thinnest in the industry. The module is aimed squarely for tablets and ultra-thin laptops.  This technology should be appropriate for tablet manufacturers looking to slot LTE module easily into their product.

The module is based on Qualcomm Gobi architecture and sold as AirPrime EM7700. Scheduled to begin shipping shortly, Sierra’s solution is definitely something unique in the market. AT&T is expected to be the first carrier to offer devices using the module. The initial release will support AT&T’s HSPA and LTE frequencies, meaning it won’t work with other carriers in US. Sierra is also looking to integrate the module into other areas and it has been working with Germany car manufacturer, Audi, to install 4G module into the dashboards. Using 4G’s broadband data stream, future cars may receive videos and run bandwidth-intensive applications to the onboard infotainment system.

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