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Sidecar Can Significantly Improve Your Communication Ability

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Sidecar Smartphone AppMany companies have been looking for new ways to communicate using smartphones. A new app called Sidecar was released yesterday and it is based on a premise that people should use their smartphones in disjointed ways. Currently, despite the multitasking capability, we still need to do many things separately when using a smartphone. Sidecar allows us to switch fluidly between different functions. For example, it can automatically activate the speaker when the handset is removed your ear, so that conversation can continue much more smoothly.

The developer team behind Sidecar is betting that people will particularly like the “See What I See Video” feature, which uses cameras on the phone to stream real-time video feed to family members or friends in other places.  Another feature called “Whisper Text” combines voice call and text messaging, which can be helpful when it is indiscreet to talk loudly or if it’s noisy. As one might expect, Sidecar allows users to communicate without being charged. In addition, users can call anyone in the Canada or United States for free over WiFi from anywhere around the world.

Sidecar Introduction Video

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