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September 2012 Will be an Important Day for Apple

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Apple Upcoming iPhoneIn a week, Apple will open the 2012 WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in California and Tim Cook will take the opportunity to unveil the OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. Reports are coming in from the 2012 Computex Show that Apple will release the next iPhone (Apple iPhone 5) a little earlier, at September, instead of October. At the same month, it is believed that the long-rumored iPad mini will also be unveiled.

In WWDC 2011, Apple promoted its software products, while revealing some information about future hardware releases. In October 2011, Apple announced the iPhone 4S; iPhone 3G at WWDC 2008, iPhone 3GS at 2009 and iPhone at 2010, while the very first iPhone was introduced in January 2007. As previously reported by the media, the upcoming iPhone model will be thinner and bigger as well as featuring a metal back cover. Other rumors said that the iPad mini will be properly positioned to compete with upcoming Windows 8 tablets and Amazon Kindle Fire. Regardless of what the company will tell us, we can be sure that the media will have it covered. After the Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple’s upcoming devices should the next big thing in 2012.

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