Sense 4.1

Sense 4.1 UI is Coming to HTC One X

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Sense 4.1The HTC One X is without doubt one of the most capable smartphones we find in the market today. It sports some impressive features that run a capable mobile operating system. One appealing aspect of HTC smartphones is an excellent custom overlay, the Sense UI. And now, users can expect to get an update for the software very soon.

Sense UI acts as a skin for HTC’s Android smartphones and the company wants user experience to be much more straightforward. The HTC One X boasts Android 4.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Coupled with a powerful quad core processor, the UI seems to run fluidly.

Some experts already got their hands on the Sense 4.1 UI and they seem to be very impressed by it. Sense 4.0 appeals users with its wonderful visuals, 3D animations and widgets. Unfortunately, this arrangement can be very demanding on the smartphone at times. Sense 4.1 is much more streamlined; this would have a favourable impact on performance and battery life.

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