Samsung Thinnest ODD SE-218BB

Samsung’s New Slim DVD Writer May One Day Revolutionize the Tablet Industry

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Samsung Thinnest ODD SE-218BBSamsung recently released what could be the thinnest ODD (optical disc drive) in the industry, called the SE-218BB. The very slim external DVD player/writer revolutionizes the tech world by offering incredibly thin form factor, thinner than standard optical disk drives used on laptops. This makes the SE-128BB more ideal for the booming tablet market. With its extremely small footprint, some tablets users will appreciate Samsung’s ultra thin DVD writer as an ideal companion.

Through its AV and USB connectivity, tablet users can hear or watch content from the disk. However, as it is still relatively thick (14mm), we won’t see it being integrated into the tablet chassis. For the moment, it only supports Windows 7 and Mac OS, meaning it will be more likely to be used as an external optical drive for Windows 7 and upcoming Windows 8 tablets. A standard 4.7GB DVD disc is a very affordable storage media, which may cost less than a dollar each and if it sees success among Windows 7 or Windows 8 tablets in the future, Google and Apple may add support for optical disk drive in future versions of Android and iOS. The SE-218BB is now available for $59.99.

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