Samsung Will Start the Production of 4-gigabit Mobile RAM Module

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Samsung 4 Gigabit Mobile RAM ModuleSamsung revealed that it will start the production of 20nm 4-gigabit LPDDR2 (Low Power Double-Data-Rate 2) memory. It means, we can look forward for more smartphones using 2GB of RAM with the Japanese version of Samsung Galaxy SIII as the first specimen. Samsung claimed that the technology is 20 percent thinner than the current 30nm LPDDR2 4GB RAM, with a thickness of just 0.8mm. Samsung claims that the new 2GB solution can process 1066 Mbps of data, while using the same power with 30nm model.

Samsung promises that the 20nm 4-gigabit RAM package will begin to be available in quantity later this year. HIS iSuppli has projected that new 20nm 4-gigabit LPDDR2 will represent 13 percent of mobile DRAM shipment this year and 50 percent of shipments next year. So by the end of 2013, 1GB of RAM should become standard specification for low-end devices and 2GB for mid-range to high-end models.

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