Samsung Will Start Producing Full HD Display for Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4If we have to guess one of the more important components used by the Samsung Galaxy S4, it would be the 5” full-HD 1080p display. Samsung will no longer use the controversial PenTile pixel matrix, which can helpfully improve text representation. Also, given the wide viewing angles, vivid colors and high contrast ratio of the Super-AMOLED Plus panel, the Galaxy S4 would surely be a sight to behold.

Based on latest rumors, Samsung will begin producing the 5” full-HD Super AMOLED Plus display as a preparation for the official launch in Q2 2013. Previously, the PenTile technology was needed to achieve higher screen resolution as it provides an alternative pixel arrangement.

Now, with the combination of LITI and FMM methods, as well as diamond-shaped pixels arrangement, the Samsung Galaxy S4 wouldn’t have the side effect of fuzzier text representation. So far, the South Korean company is doing a really good job at keeping its upcoming flagship secret.

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