Samsung Will Release a Tizen Smartphone in Japan

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Tizen SmartphoneSamsung is planning to sell a smartphone model with Tizen later this year. The open source platform will bring a new competition to dominating forces in mobile industry today, Android and iOS. Like Android, Tizen is also based on Linux and it sprang from the now defunct Meego project. Samsung took over the operating system from Nokia and Intel.

The platform will be used for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-car infotainment systems and smart TV. Samsung recently confirmed that they will release “competitive” Tizen devices later this year. The Korean-based company declined to reveal further details other than that these devices will be adapted based on market conditions.

DoCoMo is Japan’s largest carrier, but many of its subscribers have flocked away to competitors as the carrier is currently not selling Apple iPhone. The availability of Tizen devices will provide a good addition to the company and it is hoped to slow down the rate of subscription losses.

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