Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Unveiled the Galaxy S3 “Mini”

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Samsung Galaxy S3 MiniSamsung has unveiled a new smartphone based on the popular Galaxy S3; the Galaxy S3 Mini. The phone looks like a smaller version of the original Galaxy S3, but unfortunately it doesn’t share the same hardware configuration. Externally, the phone features curved edges and glossy finish, but this is where the comparison stops. The original phone comes with a powerful 1.4GHz quad-core chip, but the S3 Mini has a 1GHz dual-core processor sitting under the hood. Although decent, the processor still doesn’t come close to the power delivered by S3’s chip.

Like other mid-range handsets, the S3 Mini sports a 5Mp rear-facing camera capable of recording 720p videos. As a comparison the original S3 has a 8Mp camera with 1080p capability. Another important difference is the 4” WVGA display, significantly inferior compared to the 4.f8 Super-AMOLED 720p display used by the S3.

Disappointment comes from unfulfilled expectation and the Galaxy S3 Mini is still a good mid-range handset.

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